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Find your match with Vote Match Europe

Vote Match is an online election quiz which matches users to the political party that best represents their views in an election, based on the issues which they select as most important.

Vote Match has four aims:

  • To be fun
  • To inform about policy differences between parties
  • To encourage people to vote and so boost turnout
  • To promote debate

How it works

The statements - answer the statements by clicking on agree, disagree, open-minded or skip (if you want to ignore the statement entirely).

Your priorities - you can choose which statements you think are most important. The statements you choose as most important will count double towards your results.

The parties - select which parties you would be prepared to vote for (at least three).

Results - the results screen will reveal which party you agree with most, and other parties will follow in descending order. You can look at the responses from each party in more detail in the table below.

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Vote Match is intended as a guide only and is not intended to give you definitive answers on which way you should vote. We encourage you to look into the parties' policies in more detail.

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For the European elections, Vote Match UK is running as part of Vote Match Europe, a collaborative project running in 14 EU countries.

For more information and for details of how to add a Vote Match widget to your website, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.