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Vote Match is designed to help you with determining your voting preferences for the General Election.

TV3 have teamed up with Unlock Democracy and the University College Cork to produce the first ever Vote Match for this year’s General Election. This exciting quiz can be embedded in any website by copying the embed code. We encourage you to pass it on to friends and family through Facebook or Twitter.

The statements - answer the statements by clicking on agree, disagree, open-minded or skip (if you want to ignore the statement entirely).

The issues - select which areas of policy matter the most to you - and which ones matter the least.

The parties - select which parties you would be prepared to vote for (at least three).

Results - the results screen will reveal which party you agree with most, and other parties will follow in descending order. You can look at the responses from each party in more detail by clicking on their name.

Vote Match is intended only as a guide and is not intended to give you definitive answers on which way you should vote. We strongly encourage you to look into the parties’ policies in more detail and have provided you with some links to other websites in the results section to do just that.

To do the quiz, simply click the "start" button in the box on the right.

Good luck and don't forget to vote on Friday 25th February!

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Question section.

University of Cork