Vote Match Privacy Policy

1. Vote Match is administrated by Unlock Democracy. See below for Unlock Democracy's Data Protection Policy.

2. Vote Match collects the responses, ip address and, where given, email address of each user and stores in on a database. This data is to be used for research and publicity purposes and will only ever be published in an anonymised format. We will not sell this data to anyone.

3. Individuals who request to be sent an email reminder of the election will be sent a confirmation email at which point they will be given the option of unsubscribing. On the morning of 4 June 2009 we will send you a reminder email. Individuals requesting more information about Vote Match and other Unlock Democracy projects will be added to Unlock Democracy's mailing list (see below).

4. We reserve the right to send up to two additional emails to invite users to participate in surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of Vote Match. Unless requested, we will not use, authorise any third party to use or sell your personal data for any other purpose.

Unlock Democracy Data Protection Policy

Updated 3 February 2009

1. Unlock Democracy is a company limited by guarantee based in England with administrative offices at 6 Cynthia Street, London N1 9JF. Its principal web-servers and data processing facilities are sited in England.

2. Unlock Democracy collects names, addresses and other personal details of its members, supporters and other contacts (together “Contacts”) for the purpose of administering its organisation and providing information to those people about the campaign where they have consented to receive it. It may also keep financial details relating to membership subscriptions, donations and purchases of campaign materials and merchandise. All such information is included in the term “Personal Data”.

3. Unlock Democracy will not share Personal Data with any person or organisation or publicise any Personal Data except:

(3.1) where Unlock Democracy is compelled to do so by applicable law, or to protect the rights of other subjects of Personal Data; or
(3.2) where express permission has been given by the subject of the Personal Data for such sharing; or
(3.3) where it is necessary for specific information to be used by persons acting in the ordinary course of Unlock Democracy’s operations to provide some service that the subject of the Personal Data has expressly requested; or
(3.4) where Unlock Democracy transfers substantially all its functions and assets to a successor organisation or organisations (whether incorporated or unincorporated) having the same objects.

4. Unlock Democracy may share anonymous aggregate or statistical data relating to its Contacts.

5. Unlock Democracy may process Personal Data itself or through the agency of others. In particular Unlock Democracy may use the communication service provided by YourMailingListProvider which uses proprietary web technologies to give Contacts control over the Personal Data that is held about them. Any agents of Unlock Democracy have agreed to comply with this policy in addition to their normal duties of confidentiality.

6. If you are a Contact of Unlock Democracy and do not wish Unlock Democracy to continue to process your Personal Data for the purposes set out in 2 you should notify Unlock Democracy at the postal address above, or through [email protected] As soon after such notice as is reasonably practicable, Unlock Democracy will remove your name from the relevant database.

7. As a non-profit membership organisation, Unlock Democracy is exempt from registering with the Office of the Information Commissioner. We do however comply with its best practice guidelines. Enquiries concerning this registration should be addressed to its Membership and Fundraising Manager at the postal address above, or samir[dot]afhim[at]unlockdemocracy[dot]org[dot]uk.