VoteMatch. London Mayor and Assembly Elections 1st May 2008. Unlock Democracy (incorporating Charter 88)
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Welcome to Vote Match London 2008

Vote Match London helps you to determine your preference for the London mayoral and Assembly elections.

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The statements

Answer the statements by clicking on agree, disagree or neither. You can add extra weight to any statements you find especially important. On a separate screen, you will be able to choose which parties and candidates you would like to include in your results calculation.


The results screen will reveal which parties and candidates you agree with most, and the other parties and candidates will follow in descending order. Below, you can see all the parties and candidates’ opinions and click on them for further explanation.

Vote Match London is intended as a guide only and is not intended to give you the definitive answer on which way you should vote. We encourage you to look into the parties policies in more detail and provide you with some pointers at the end of this survey.

Good luck - and don't forget to vote on 1st May!

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