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Vote Match is an online voter quiz which matches users to the political party that best represents their views in an election, based on the issues which they select as most important.

Vote Match has four aims:

  • To be fun
  • To inform about policy differences between parties
  • To encourage people to vote
  • To promote debate

We want to show voters - particularly first time voters - that there are differences between the parties, and that their vote matters. One in five non-voters says the reason they don't vote is that they don't know enough to make a decision. Vote Match aims to fill the information gap by providing a clear and accessible guide to party policy. We work with academics and market researchers to ask political parties their views on the top issues in the election campaign.

Since our launch in 2008, we've run Vote Match for a variety of elections, from UK general, European and local elections to student union and US presidential elections. Check out past versions of Vote Match here.

Coming Soon: Vote Match 2015

We had great success in 2010 when our first General Election Vote Match reached over 1.2 million users. In 2015, we are aiming higher - we want to be able to help five million people make an informed choice when they vote.

To achieve this ambitious goal we need £25,000 to redesign and update Vote Match. We've already raised £13,500 (thanks to the sell my house fast charity marathon), but we need your help to reach our target. Please donate here to help our campaign.

Vote Match Europe logo

For the European elections, Vote Match UK ran as part of Vote Match Europe, a collaborative project running in 14 EU countries.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions section.